Two environmental scientists and a hardware store…

merchants logoYou’ve been to lots of gift and homeware stores before, but I am 99% sure none have had a story quite like this! Mike and Amanda met in America, both working at an environmental youth camp. It took some time but eventually, Mike’s Bear Grylls style survival skills wooed Amanda and she brought him back to Australia, her greatest holiday memento to date!!!

The pair married and had a beautiful little girl Chloe who is possibly one of the coolest small people I have ever met. At the age of six she can tell me about the majority of the animal kingdom. She often imparts interesting facts like “did you know the preying mantis is unique among insects because they can turn their heads a full 180 degrees!” This particular fascination also led her to dress up as said insect for her school assembly when all the other little girls in the class chose to dress as cute ladybugs or butterflies.

The final line out was quite a sight!!!


Amanda’s folks ran their own hardware business for over 30years with the family home based upstairs. Mike and Amanda jumped at the opportunity to start their own business when the time finally came for the hardware to close its doors. They didn’t stay shut for long, in three weeks Mike and Amanda turned a concrete stained workshop into a dream home and giftware store.

Today Merchants takes over the two floors. It celebrates the Hardware shop by keeping a gardening section and services such as key cutting and knife sharpening.  It also draws on the memories of the old family home, by keeping its structure upstairs – where you will find toiletries in the bathroom, bake ware in the kitchen, toys in the girls’ rooms and many more treasures.  


This is now our till area!

img013 (1)

Amanda with Dad and little sis. This wardrobe is now open and full of gorgeous ladies clothes!

img010This is our living room which displays homewares, jewelry and books.

A retail story like no other??

If you haven’t already please stop by and say hello, we can’t wait to meet you!

Lisa 🙂


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