Where there’s a Will there’s a way!


If you have visited our kitchen department downstairs, I do hope you have come across our lovely Will. Tall, ginger and knowledgeable in all things kitchen, Will is your go to guy for factual information about most of life’s mysteries….especially kitchen gadgets!

Will’s absolute favourite is the zucchini shredder.. last year it was the apple/corer/slicer but he’s keeping up with current trends, moving on to bigger and greener things. Will will always manage to convince me to buy his latest top find, in turn I spent a sizeable amount of time poking fun at said obsession, it’s a good balance.

Last weekend however I almost literally ate my own words!


A lovely lady came in store, during Will’s passionate speech about the shredder a spark was struck and soon Will learned that there was someone else out there who shared his love of zucchini. An hour later Will’s partner in crime arrived back in store with four of the most massive zucchinis I have ever seen, picked from her garden!

Lucky for me, Will invited me around for dinner after work!


In some extraordinary feat of telepathic kitchen wonder, Mel put together a similarly delightful dish for her guests!


So all the hours of mocking presented itself in the most beautiful form! As I left with my belly full and my heart happy, I apologised to Will for giving him such a hard time.


Lovely zucchini lady, may the force of nature’s goodness be with you!!!!

Have a great long weekend!



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