Beyonce’s Brew


We met Anne McWilliam at our most resent buying trip in Sydney.


Blossom Blends is a boutique tea shop that was conceived from the memory of cosy shared moments over a refreshing cuppa around the kitchen table. Inspired by her beloved grandmother Nan Mac, Blossom Blends is a bespoke collection of tea blended using only the finest tea, herbs, flowers and fruit sourced and hand-picked from around the globe.


Speaking to Anne she was so lovely and humble, I was in awe of her success at such a young age. Anne received her big break last October when Grammy organisers contacted her about supplying Blossom Blends Tea for the Grammy goodie bags. Initially she thought it was a joke but before she knew it, her tea was being reviewed in front of the Grammy panel and she got the go ahead!

You may wonder how her tea came to the panels attention. A member of the Grammy organising panel received it as a small gift from an Australian friend. When the time came to create the gift bags for the event the tea popped back into her mind and so she suggested it as something a little different to offer the stars.


It must be so surreal to think people like Beyonce have held and enjoyed something you have created. It really highlights how anyone can make their mark on the world by following their passion. I guess a little luck helps too!


We love Blossom Blends Tea and are happy it’s made a home in our store. It will definitely lift our spirits over the coming winter months. Good on you Anne, you are definite inspiration to us all at the Merchants.





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