Feeling blue…


This is our first in a series of mood boards paying homage to some of our treasures in store. For no particular reason I started with the colour blue. Later in the day I read an article detailing how blue is the most favoured colour in the world.

Eager for more useless information I went hunting with our good friend Google!

Here are some more interesting facts I learned about the colour blue…

  • It makes eating very unappealing, so its a great dieting colour for plates.
  • It is a colour shown to help you solve creative problems.  (while green stimulates creativity, blue is suggested for creative problem solving)
  • Blue can help you stay physically calmer, regulating heart beat and breathing in studies of video gamers!
  • Blue pigment was so rare in nature that historically it was prized in a lavish way.
  • Sick children prefer to be taken care of by people wearing blue (note to moms, dads and nannies)
  • Whereas other colours in nature tend to be a function of pigment, blue colour tends to be created by an object’s actual structure.  Blue, in a sense, is built-in where it is mainly found in nature. How cool and sort of mystical!

It all seems quite positive to me, not sure where the negative saying ‘feeling blue’ has been derived? That’s a Google session for another day!